Workshops 2018

Gothenburg, Sweden | Alla Prima
April 21-22
Florence Academy of Art


Students will learn to paint a portrait from a live model in a single sitting referred to as ‘Alla Prima’. This technique requires a fast way of working, as the work has to be finished before the first layers have dried. The student will at the end of the workshop have 2 complete paintings. Students will learn about the proportions of the head and face and how to accurately paint the features. We will be working with oil paints exclusively for these exercises. Students will learn how to render the human form in terms of form, color, and tone. They will learn how to mix realistic skin colors in order to render human flesh in paint.


Gothenburg, Sweden | Figure Drawing
August 18-19, August 25-26
Florence Academy of Art

Drawing the human figure is one of the cornerstones of artistic training. Come learn to draw from a live model. During the course students will learn how to judge proportions, accurately render form, and understand values of light and dark. We will have the same model for both weekends holding a single pose. Sign up for one weekend to get an understanding of the basics or sign up for two weekends to give yourself more time to create a more finished drawing.

All drawing materials such as easels, paper, charcoal, and erasers will be provided.


London | portrait drawing masterclass
September 3-7
London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA)

This week long Portrait Drawing Masterclass will teach you how to produce an accurate and convincing representation of the live model on the paper, using charcoal and white chalk.


London | portrait painting masterclass
September 10-14
London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA)

This Portrait Painting Masterclass will teach you to paint a competent portrait using the sight-size method, starting with a simple charcoal transfer drawing through to a finished study in oils.